About Us


Genovate was created due to an increase in demand for women to be represented in leadership and board roles across Australian organisations. The importance of creating a gender diverse leadership team will significantly contribute to increasing growth, productivity and efficiency.

Genovate offers a truly consultative service that is able to offer female only candidates for leadership and management positions so both candidates and clients are able to achieve the best outcome possible. Genovate is passionate about improving gender diversity through strategic talent management.


Honesty and Integrity

Always being honest and acting with integrity with our clients and candidates in every interaction.

Service Excellence

Going above and beyond to deliver excellent service to our clients and candidates

Empower and Diversity

Always encouraging diversity in organisations through the empowerment of women


A Sri Lankan born Australian who grew up in a family of successful entrepreneurs, Ash spent her first 17 years in Sri Lanka going to prestigious International Schools before moving to Australia to study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. Entrepreneurship was always in her blood and starting her own business was never far from her mind.


Building a career in recruitment that spans over 10 years, Ash worked with some of the leading recruitment firms in Sydney and Melbourne. Having worked in both agency environment and RPO for Futurestep, Ash learnt the full scope of the recruitment world. Ash worked for leading Multinational organisations onsite as part of their recruitment teams, and quickly learnt that there was a need for strong female leadership candidates. Realising a gap in the market, the idea was born. And it wasn’t until the birth of her second child, that Ash decided to do something she was always passionate about — the recruitment of women to promote gender diversity and so Genovate Consulting was born in May 2015.


Genovate Consulting is a specialist recruitment business in Australia focused on the recruitment of only women into leadership roles to promote gender diversity in Organisations.


Ash Navaratnam

Founder & Managing Partner

“What has also become clear is that promoting gender equality not only promotes and protects the rights of affected women; it also contributes to better functioning organisations and businesses. Not only that, without women’s increased participation in paid work we will not create the strong economy we desire. “

– Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

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